A Condo in Jersey City for Sale at a record-setting $5.49 million dollars :000


Marcus Soares Silva

Did you know that there is a condo located in Jersey City that is being priced at 5.49 million dollars? I know right! There must be something extraordinary about it. Let’s dig and find out what is in store when this house is bought.

A condo in Jersey City hit the market for $5.488 million dollars. This means that it has become the most expensive penthouse ever listed in this city. The condo is named Villa at the Oakman Condominiums at 160 First Street. It has 4 bedrooms, 4 and a half bathrooms, and an amazing split-level outdoor terrace that is very big and has a private infinity pool. It offers a very good view of Manhattan and it was completed in 2016. Its 14th-floor residence measures 3,300 square feet with outdoor space that takes 2 levels. This penthouse was designed by Fogarty Finger and it features a lot of details like full-height windows, custom finishes, etc. The chef’s kitchen has many features such as custom cabinets and countertops. Each bedroom has a suite bath that has spa-like features. The apartment’s huge private outdoor space has an infinity pool, fire pit, a full kitchen with a pizza oven, and more.

In conclusion, this penthouse is very costly but its features and its space make it worth it. No one has bought it for $5.488 million dollars yet. We’ll see what happens when someone does buy it. I’ll keep you posted.