Is Among Us Dying?


Giselle DeRisi

Last year many games exploded. Piggy, Fall Guys and Among Us. One similarity each game shares is their fall. However many people argue that no these games are not dying, but in my opinion the one that stands out the most is Among Us.

The Rise Of Among Us

A lot of people remember Among Us because of its youtube and twitch blow out. It all started at the beginning of July. July 2020 marked the month where tons of twitch streamers played Among Us. Many people were intrigued by this new game and decided to play it. Then that’s when the youtube phase began. Every single streamer you could think of played Among Us. So many people downloaded the game, that it ends up having  about 100 million downloads. Youtubers and streamers played and played,bringing more popularity to the game. Memes were created,tons of small youtubers rose to fame, even teachers and adults have played it at least once.The game rose so high and out of nowhere, that so many people decided to cash in. Rip offs were made left and right.It was clear that Among Us is the king of video games.


The Fall

Just like all popular games Among Us would soon meet its fate. Many people are starting to get bored of the same gameplay over and over again. To evaluate Among Us has not updated in so long and tons of people are just plain bored. Another reason Among Us is falling is that youtubers are moving on. Like the Fall Guys scenario when huge youtubers move on, games can go into the dust. Big youtubers who played the game stop uploading content. Reasonably they have a big audience, so when Among Us left the chat for the youtubers, it also left the chat for tons of fans. Another reasonable claim is at its peak, Among Us had 2 million people playing at a time. That’s a whole different story today. Now only about 15,000 thousand play at a time. In calculations that’s a 1,985,000 drop. 


My Personal Opinion

In my opinion I think Among Us is dying.For me personally, I don’t play the game anymore. I just lost interest. When I scroll down youtube, there are barely any videos recommended.Instead of videos popping up, you have to really search for it. People are going to ask me, but many youtubers still post videos. My answer, yes I know but it’s not the same. It’s mostly just the same as or different mods. No one talks about it any more, so it leads people like me to think the game is actually dead.

Is Among Us dying? It is. There is so much evidence surrounding this topic. It could be that Among Us is reaching its resting days, and maybe just maybe, one day it will return and become the king of video games once again.