The Traditions of the Super Bowl

The Traditions of the Super Bowl

Ayden Reed

The Super Bowl has been around for almost six decades and many Americans around the country celebrate with family, food, and big parties. People watch the super bowl even if their team didn’t make it. It’s just fun to see a team be crowned champions.  Forty-nine percent of the people who watch the Super Bowl, enjoy the commercials during the show. Twenty percent of people traditionally watch the Super Bowl commercials the next day.

   Fans gather to celebrate with lots of foods during the Super Bowl. Pizzerias and wing shops have big preparation for the super bowl because most Americans order pizza and wings for the big party.  Did you know on average an American will spend $81.79 on the Super Bowl foods? Forty nine percent of the Americans will watch the Super Bowl halftime show. Americans have the best time watching the sports events together because it also brings family and friends together.

The Super Bowl is a big sports event because you have watched all the teams play until the Super Bowl point. Thirty-Four percent  of Americans will gather and watch the big sports event as a tradition. Some people have their different ways of watching the Superbowl because some just spend time with loved ones. Do you know what is the most consumed snack during this event? Its chips and dip; some people have a tradition of making their own dip. The most consumed chip company is Frito-Lay and they make a lot of chips for hungry Americans. Most Americans enjoy eating pizza and that means pizza companies are preparing the dough while you order. During this time, most companies make lots of money.  

    Thirty-Two Percent  of Americans enjoy the wings as a snack and this tradition will probably live on because some people enjoy that big flavor while watching the big game. Different Americans like different things. Some Americans traditionally eat chili on the super bowl. Some families enjoy this over the wings or pizza because some people like to get creative on the big game day and like to show off their skills.

    Make sure you’re 21 years and over because beer is probably the most consumed alcoholic beverage during this sports event. Some people like the fresh brewed alcohol beverage while enjoying the Super Bowl. Americans bet on the Super Bowl and try to get money in the bank right after the game because twenty-one percent  of Americans bet and make a pool to see who will win. It’s a matter of keeping track of your points and the score of the game each quarter.

Many Americans have different traditions. Some Americans wear their favorite team jerseys on SuperBowl day. A lot of Americans traditionally skip the sports event all together and do something besides watching the game. Ten percent  of the American people actually watch the Puppy Bowl instead, which might be cute because dogs are amazing. You can watch dogs fight over dog toys.. Most Americans like to shop on Super Bowl day traditionally and that’s about ten percent  of the American people.

   Watching the Super Bowl is really cool. You can eat food, watch the game, and hear your favorite musician sing for 15 minutes during halftime. Even the commercials are worth watching. Any  team that wins the Super Bowl gets the Lombardi trophy and each team member gets a whooping $100,000. The losing team gets about $59,000 which is actually not bad. I wish I got that much. The Super Bowl is fun to watch  because you can see the team celebrate their touchdowns and the flags thrown on the field because of a foul.  I bet the teams that make it to the Super Bowl are proud of themselves because they grew as a team. The Super Bowl will be held on February 7th,2021 at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers stadium. This will be the second time the Super Bowl is held in Florida back to back. Last year, it was held at the Miami Dolphins Stadium. Some Americans might even go watch the football game at the stadium