Earthlings: Part 2


Saffia Ouali





Brother 1       10,000


An abrupt end to my previous writing, indeed. A foreign object had collided into our spacecraft. My brothers and sisters had a horrific crash on that planet- Earth as I hear people call it. Our spacecraft will take at least 1,000 hours to repair, which will put us severely behind schedule. 

Communication is also an issue here. The language of the people sounds coarse to my ears. I have also noted that some people seem more hospitable than others. Some people have filthy thoughts, dirty words, and much worse. Yet, others have kinder hearts, and put other people before themselves. 

Quite the contrary when it comes to our society. We strive for the better of all, and do not look for hate, but for peace.

There was this one family we met after our spacecraft crashed. Two adults and two children- a peaceful family is what they appeared to be. Those two children were of special help to my brothers and sisters, and myself. They helped us with communication amongst the Earthlings, though it was difficult. Yet, I could not help but notice the awful behavior of some people.

With mouths full of filth,

Minds full of hate,

Actions full of contempt,

Lives full of misery,

Cities full of noise,

Rivers full of sewage,

These people live as though life has no meaning.


These people would be such a disgrace back home. Considering that we will need to be here for at least 1,000 hours, it hurts to know that my brother and sisters, and myself, will have to put up with this.

At the end of the first day, the family provided my brother and sisters, and myself with a hotel room. They told us to stay in our rooms until they came back, or we would fear the worst.

My brothers and sisters, and myself had little to fear as we watched some television- I think that is what it is called- before we went to bed. While we were getting ready to rest, before one of my sisters turned the device off, there came a breaking news report; the anchor had said: “Attention citizens! The day has come! Aliens reported on Earth!”

And there I saw myself and my brothers and sisters, as we were fixing our spacecraft earlier that day.