Top 10 Must Watch Shows On Netflix


Aurora Latona

Looking for something to watch on your downtime or while in quarantine? I have some favorite t.v. shows that might be right up your alley!

If you are someone into supernatural or suspenseful shows check these out:


  • Stranger Things– This is about a couple of teens who go up against a demogorgon. The group is led by a telekinesis girl named Eleven, who works with other teens to protect Earth from the “upside down”.
  • Umbrella Academy– This group is made up of adopted siblings with powers who work together. They are racing to stop the end of the world using their powers and time travel.
  • The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina– This is a dark twist on your usual Sabrina stories. From witches, to warlocks, demons and the devil himself. Even Sabrina has her own dark side.
  • Vampire Diaries– This is based upon two vampire brothers and their bond through good and bad through over 100 years. They move back to their hometown and build relationships.  Throughout their 8 seasons go through multiple enemies that test all their relationships, especially the two brothers. (Also see spinoffs: The Originals & Legacies)
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events– This is about three siblings who are searching for a new home after losing their parents. They run into many obstacles, including dealing with their very strange uncle. Their adventures keep you in suspense.


If you are looking for romance, relationships and heartfelt type shows check these out:

  • Sweet Magnolias– This is based on three best friends and their friendship through their ups and downs of life. It is based out of a small town where everyone knows each other. They keep each other grounded, while pushing each other in the best ways.
  • Emily in Paris– This is about a girl who moves to her dream place of Paris to start a new life. Along the way she finds love and maybe even herself.


If you are looking for something fun, lots of laughs and a good amount of heart, look no further than these:


    • Jane the Virgin– This is about a virgin young woman who accidentally gets artificially inseminated. The story becomes a love triangle between her current boyfriend and the baby’s dad. It also is centered around the girl, her mom and grandma and based around their latina culture. A fun thing about it is the narrator telling the story like a telenovela.
    • New Girl– This is about four roommates who create relationships and bonds throughout the years of living together. Encouraging each other, while also completely having fun or making fun of each other. So many silly quirks about each and everyone of them.
    • Schitts Creek– A family that has lost all their riches and high class life has to now readjust! They have to build themselves from the ground up while living in a little motel in town. Their understanding of the concepts of middle and lower class people is so much fun to watch. Along the way they learn what true wealth is within people in their life, without the money.

I hope these suggestions helped you! Please refer back to this article when in need of some entertainment.