The Challenge: Double Agents


Jason DeMicco

The Challenge Company is commencing a new and dangerous challenge called Double Agents. A game show where people do multiple challenges to get a million dollars. It is on air usually on Wednesdays by 8 p.m. The channel it is found on is MTV. This will be hosted by T.J Lavin. Here are some facts about this year’s challenge.

Starting December 9th the challenge will begin. This year is going to be different. How? Well one way is because of Covid-19 they have many restrictions. Another thing is there are going to be many teams of two but in the other years there has always been two teams. With little teams lies will be useful to win.

Now with this new challenge many people are going to watch. So why shouldn’t you? When you feel like there is nothing to watch, try the challenge which has drama, action, and crazy explosions.