Spotlight on the 2020 Olympic games

Sofia Matos


My name is Sofia Matos.  I am in 8th grade and am 13 years old.  

For my spotlight, I would like to discuss what is going to happen to the 2020 Olympic games.

As some of you may know, the 2020 Olympic games were supposed to happen in Japan this summer but, because of the coronavirus pandemic, it was cancelled.  This is the first time in history that an Olympic game had to be postponed to a later date.  As of now, the games are set to begin on 23rd of July 2021.  Many people are speculating that this date might be pushed even further back or cancelled for the first time since World War II.  

If the games are pushed back to 2022 that means that the summer and winter games will be happening in the same year.  This is another reason why the summer games might not even happen at all because this would be a lot of work for the Olympic team planning and organizing one game right after the other.  

Thank you for reading my spotlight and I hoped you enjoyed it,