Virtual Concerts, Shows That Will Lift Spirits


Giselle Elizabeth DeRisi

Concerts, a place of singing, dancing, yelling and excitement, is one of the many things cancelled or rescheduled because of Covid-19. However, a new trend has started, virtual concerts are the next best alternative thing to do in order to enjoy the music and support the musicians and their talents. 

All over the world, artists set up tours for their new albums. Thousands of fans delighted for the event of a lifetime. Sadly concerts are one of the things that have been canceled. Don’t worry though; virtual concerts are in full swing.  Let’s dive deep into virtual concerts that have been produced. 

To all my fellow gamers, just in November, rapper and pop star Little Nas X produced a virtual concert on the gaming platform called Roblox. Youtubers like Kreekcraft, Flamingo, Night Fox and countless others filmed this exciting event. The quality of this production was immaculate to the point where you could tell the amount of detail that was put into it. Unfortunately for me, my computer crashed, but I still watched Kreekcraft’s stream. All the players were jumping with excitement. I am suggesting to everyone, when the next show comes out to take time to watch a Roblox concert because it’s eye-catching and a whole lot of fun. It is definitely worth the time. 

So American singer, songwriter, and actress Melanie Martinez produced a concert called, “I Can’t Wait Till I Am Out of K-12.” I was lucky and got tickets the day it went live. Thousands of people excitedly typed in the chat while the timer was counting down. K-12 played in the background. I was full of excitement. The movie went off and there was Melanie in a stunning dress ready to perform her biggest hit Playdate. She then performed different songs from her K-12 album and After School episodes. She had different outfits for each song. There were dancers, gymnasts, and different props including edible strawberry shortcakes. The time went by so fast, I could not believe the show ended. I was so impressed because this concert was amazing, something that I am glad I had not missed. I felt as if I was in the row right in front of the stage. In my opinion I think it was better than the concerts in person.  Although the screams of supporting fans were truly missed, I was able to view it from a better angle.

 Next time you’re on Roblox or scrolling through Youtube, be sure to look out for virtual concerts. I am telling everyone who feels staying home is awful to buy a ticket, write down a date, and share links with friends. Attending a virtual concert is not only fun, but also an interesting experience as well. So I am telling you as a fellow gamer and Crybaby (Melanie Martinez fan) to buy a ticket, and enjoy your next concert a new way.