Earthlings: Part 1


Saffia Ouali





Brother 1       10,000


It is the year 10,000. My brothers and sisters have embarked on our journey to explore the mysteries of our universe. The chosen ones, we are, for it is up to the six of us to figure out the unknowns of this universe we call home.

From the land of Domum, we have left our homes for the pursuit of knowledge. We have departed early this morning, and are expected to be on this journey for one year. A solid 1,000 days it shall be, with each day lasting a solid 100 hours. Such quality time it shall be! 

All is going well these first few hours. All systems are efficiently powered with the latest renewable energy, and are scrupulously monitored every hour by the most proficient engineers amongst the six of us. Our spaceship- the strongest it has ever been- is composed of only fungus, and has an area of exactly 10,000 square meters. Never is there a time to waste on this precious journey, and always is there a time to spend our days conducting research and making observations.

We have little room for error, but plenty of space for improvement in our knowledge. If we fail this mission, we fail our brothers and sisters back at Domum. If we fail this mission, there is no telling what will happen in the future. Such ridicule will be too much to handle! We shall not mess this up, or we may end the future of our humankind.

At the moment, we have passed 1,000 meters from Domum. It is impossible to see home at such a distance with our capabilities. Only with the power of technology can we make out our Domum, the place we call home. Yet, there is no time to play the role of the melancholic one. It is my responsibility to aid in the avoidance of a collision between giant rocks and chunks of things I do not know of.

Where are we heading? I, too, do not know. But I shall write again with the next important event, as we seem to be approaching a body mass with great, blue eyes, and chunks of green land. Around the object we shall orbit…