Hubie Halloween


Emily Porter

Have you watched the movie Hubie Halloween? If you haven’t or you’re thinking about watching it, you should. Hubie Halloween is a new movie about a guy named Hubie. Hubie gets scared easily and wants to make sure everyone is safe on Halloween. It’s super funny and although it’s a Halloween movie, it isn’t really that scary. In my opinion, it’s more funny than it is scary.

The main character of the movie is named Hubie who is really nice and funny, but everyone makes fun of him because he gets scared easily and crashes Halloween parties. They also play a lot of pranks on him to scare and humiliate him. Hubie doesn’t do these things to annoy people, he just wants everyone to be safe on Halloween. The movie is also kind of like a mystery because things happen to Hubie and the other characters throughout the film. Hubie and other characters continuously try to figure out what’s happening.

In conclusion, Hubie Halloween is a really funny movie and I hope you watch it. It is also only available on Netflix. I would give this movie a 9.5/10. I hope they make a Hubie Halloween 2 next year.