Saffia Ouali



We were torn apart,

We were broken,

We were lost,

We were grieving.


Nothing seemed to make sense,

Nothing seemed right,

Nothing seemed to fit,

Nothing seemed to work.


But then we found ourselves.

And then we found each other.

And then we found the key to our happiness.



The one thing I have,

The one thing you have,

The one thing we each have.


Small or big,

Quiet or loud,

Funny or serious.



The one thing that keeps us whole,

The one thing that we always have,

The one thing that was and still is always there to bring us together.


They- the bad ones- try to break us,

They- the bad ones- try to ruin our lives,

They- the bad ones- try to do wrong.


Except I have family,

And so do you.


Biological or not,

We are all family.


We are there for each other,

Even when apart.

We are there for each other,

During times of distress.


Even if different,

We are held together by the things that make me who I am, 

Make you who you are,

Make us who we are.


They say we are different,

Are apart,

Are hopeless,

Are meaningless,

Have nothing.


I say we have everything,

Because we have each other.

That is all we need in life to start with.

Everything after is made possible by us all.