The Race to Election Day


Sofia Matos

November third is no ordinary day this year!  This year November third is the 2020 Presidential Election Day.  In this article, I will provide some information and facts about the election.  This election year mail-in ballots will have a greater effect on the election.  There is also some information on projected votes per state. 

 Even though election day is on November third there will not be a clear winner on that day.  This is because of all the mail-in ballots that are being submitted this year.  In the past few elections, the number of mail-in ballots has been on the rise but in this election, the mail-in ballots are expected to be at a record high.  This means that we won’t know who our President is until a while after election day.

Regular citizens have the right to vote during the election but do that vote count.  The truth is that the popular vote does not come into consideration for who becomes President.  The votes that decide who our President is are the votes from the members of Congress.  Don’t let this discourage you to vote in a future election because your vote is still important.  Congress is supposed to vote based on what the general population of the area they are in control over wants to win.  This means that your vote is still important because it helps Congress decide who to vote for.

To understand how Congress’ votes count we first need to understand the two houses of Congress.  There is the House of Representatives in which each state had a number of representatives relative to the population of that state.  In the Senate which is the other section of Congress in which each state had two representatives.  When these people vote whichever candidate gets the majority of the vote from that state gets all of them.  So for example let’s say one candidate gets 43 votes and another gets 21 all 64 votes would go to the candidate that got 43 votes. 



As you can see this election will be a lot different from our past ones.  I hope that you learned something new from this article.  Thank you for reading!  


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Sofia Matos


This was written on October 21st so some information may have changed since then.