COVID-19 November Report for New Jersey


Jason DeMicco

     Covid-19 has been infiltrating New Jersey since March 4. This was when the first case was reported that caused many schools to close and virtual learning to begin. It has been several months since then and now school has begun. My goal is to show students what is happening in their world. Here is what happened in September and October.


     Many schools have decided to open this year. Some districts have decided to do virtual learning and others decided to take the risk and open school. While other districts opened while following the strict CDC guidelines. Desks have been spread out, masks are required by students and staff, and some schools offer shields to be placed around each desk.

     Schools aren’t the only thing that is opening though. Businesses have decided to open again socially or virtually. Again, in order to open, these businesses must also follow the strict CDC guidelines. Servers, cooks, and store employees are masked up and even some are wearing gloves. Hand sanitizer is everywhere, but with all these precautions, why is New Jersey back in the RED?  With everything opening there could be a risk of more people getting Covid 19. As the numbers show, more people have contracted the illness and our numbers are on the rise.


     In September, schools opened again in person or virtually. However schools have started to shut down again. Many schools have gotten positive cases from students and teachers. Even with all this, some schools are deciding to open up anyway. Even though schools might have a problem, we have an even bigger problem: positive cases are going up again. A couple of months ago scientists predicted there would be another wave and they were correct. 

     At this time, cases are going up and we can help stop this virus. We should try to follow the rules so this wave stops. It won’t stop without everyone’s participation. The next time you have your mask and you want to take it off, just remember you keeping your mask on can save many lives.Do your part!