SC-A8—New Discoveries!


Manuel Paz, Creator

Hello LMS Digital News readers, and welcome back to Swiss Cheese! In case you are new to the Swiss Cheese article line, SC-A8 stands for Swiss Cheese – Article No. 8. This issue, we explore some fascinating achievements from 2022!

Taxonomy is the study of classification. For taxonomists, it is critical that every living organism get properly identified and labeled, usually using the classic system of binomial nomenclature. Although many species are labeled by the everyday person as simply weeds, bugs, flowering plants, or helpful insects, among other labels, it is the goal of taxonomists everywhere to classify and add them to their system. This means that when new organisms are discovered, taxonomists must carefully identify, classify, and provide detailed descriptions for each. This past year 2022, many revisions and additions to the system of taxonomy have been made. To celebrate the incredible impact of the taxonomists and other scientists that made this possible, enjoy this game (for students) that shares the wonders of these new discoveries!




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