SC-A7—Happy New Year 2023!


Manuel Paz, Writer

Hello LMS Digital News readers, and welcome back to Swiss Cheese! In case you are new to the Swiss Cheese article line, SC-A7 stands for Swiss Cheese – Article No. 7. This issue, we celebrate 2023 with a special game. Enjoy!

Many of us are excited about this new beginning, and some have already even set goals to be accomplished this year. For this new year, why not learn something new every day? Introducing a trivia game for students whose questions are released periodically, accessible via To make this even more informative, links to articles for further discovery will be attached, beginning January 11. I hope that you enjoy this learning experience, and a special shoutout to Bob who completed and entered their name into last issue’s form! Once again, Happy New Year 2023!

Stay tuned for the next Swiss Cheese! (Find them all at

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