SC-A6—The Puzzling…


Manuel A. Paz

Hello LMS Digital News readers, and welcome back to Swiss Cheese! In case you are new to the Swiss Cheese article line, SC-A6 stands for Swiss Cheese – Article No. 6, and this month we explore the mind-boggling!

Bagworms. Fascinating gifts of nature, and the perfect inspiration for a thinking puzzle! Puzzles have been one of humankind’s greatest forms of entertainment since ancient times. In this puzzle, mini-puzzles each provide clues for the final puzzle. The puzzles will be self-explanatory, but additional research is encouraged for assistance with some of the more challenging ones. After completing the final puzzle, submit your answer for a chance to be mentioned in the next issue of Swiss Cheese!

Do YOU have what it takes to solve the puzzle? Complete the mini-puzzles correctly and receive clues to complete the entire BAGWORM puzzle! (Only for students:

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