The Green Eye


Chinmayi Pasunuri, Writer



  “I walked down the hall and into my office, and there was blood everywhere! Then I saw my co-worker, Jacob Robertsern, lying there unable to move and covered in blood.” Mr. Smith said frantically. He was a man in his twenties, with stiff black hair and dark brown eyes.


“Was there anything else that seemed peculiar to you? Something out of the ordinary? Before or after the murder?” I asked, writing everything down.


“No nothing! Except he was coming to work later than usual, and said he had to drop his children off at school…” Mr. Smith said.


“Ok thank you, I think that’s all the questions I can muster for now. I’ll contact you if anything else comes along.”


“Ok sir, I will see you later.”

I rang the doorbell to Mr. Robertsern’s house; nobody answered. Again I rang the doorbell, but nobody answered.


“Maybe nobody’s home; maybe we should come back later.” My partner Detective Tremblay said.


 A car pulled up to the driveway, and a woman stepped out. She went towards the front door and saw us. “Uh hello? What can I do for you two?”


“Hello ma’am my name is Officer Maria Zaleska.” I asked, “Are you Mrs. Robertsern?”

“That’s a very feminine name for a man.” She said, “Yes I am she, how can I help you?”


“Mrs. Robertsern, I have some grave news for you. Your husband died this morning, we believe it was murder.” I said. “I know this may be hard to hard to hear but we-”


“No that can’t be right! He died five years ago!”



“What?” I stared blankly.

At the police station, I was reviewing my notes from the interrogation; it didn’t make sense. Mr.Robertern died five years ago? But we definitely know the body was, his face, his hair, his ID! It all added up, but he’s dead! I saw the grave. It wasn’t the wrong house, that’s for sure. But what…


“Hello? Officer Zaleska?” my partner said coming into my office, handing me some photos. “We found something on the body.”


Carved onto the body, was an eye painted green.


(to be continued…)