Spider Man: No Way Home Movie Review (No Spoilers)


Isaac Lorenzo

Are you into Spider Man, or Marvel? Well you should watch Spider Man: No Way Home. Spider Man: No Way Home takes place after the events of Spider Man: Far From Home (I recommend you watch that before watching No Way Home to understand the concept of the movie.) where Spider Man’s identity has been revealed and his life as Peter Parker isn’t normal anymore.

Once Peter’s identity is revealed, he goes to visit Doctor Strange to help him make a spell where everyone would forget that Peter is Spider Man. After a spell from Doctor Strange goes wrong, it creates a multiverse opening a portal for villains to come through. Some villains in the movie include: Electro, Green goblin, Doctor Octopus, and more. I think this movie is a good watch for you comic book fans out there who love Spider Man and other villains. When you do watch the movie, you’ll have goosebumps. Trust me.

In conclusion, I think you should give Spider Man: No Way Home a watch. If you’re a Marvel comic book fan, or even a Marvel movie fan, this movie is for you. I think when you watch, you’re going to truly enjoy it.