The Most Bizarre Phobias



 We are NOT discrediting or insulting people with these phobias at all. We are pointing them out to people who may not be aware of them. Keep in mind this was made for informative and entertainment purposes only. Also, none of us are professional psychologists.

Do you perhaps fear the dark, the tall heights, the deep ocean, or even arachnids? Most of these things are common-place within us. Are you superstitious? Afraid of spirits, mirrors or black cats? You may think some of the fears I’ve mentioned are quite strange and that’s likely because phobias are irrational fears that are developed with traumatic experience with a certain feeling, object, person, etc.. Not everyone has a phobia, however. Which is why to many of us, the following phobias might be a bit bizarre.


Panphobia: The phobia with an unspecified fear.

This is a unique phobia because it’s an unspecific fear, rather than having a specified fear such as a spider (Arachnophobia). it can be triggered by absolutely anything and causes the consistent fear of things that cause trauma. It also can be triggered at random times, often in the form of paranoia. 

Turophobia: The irrational fear of cheese.

There isn’t much to talk about, but in simplification, turophobia is essentially just the fear triggered by traumatic events related to cheese. Please after reading this, take a moment of silence for those who have been unfortunately diagnosed with turophobia.


Deipnophobia: The fear of dinner conversations.

Despite the absurdity of this phobia, there exists a phobia that revolves around the fear of dinner conversations. A traumatic experience with dinner conversations that scars somebody, probably, for life is most likely serious. Maybe a politically controversial conversation started, we won’t question it.


Syngenesophobia: The fear of family and relatives.

The fear of relatives is called syngenesophobia, deriving from the word gene or genetics. This causes people to live in constant fear of certain or all members of their family, and most likely was caused by a relative who mistreated a victim (maybe as a child) or a terrible experience with family. This is also more common to be triggered when meeting new relatives, such as a distant cousin.



Ovaphobia: The fear of eggs…

This is the fear of eggs, maybe a broad species of eggs or just eggs in general, it depends. It is obviously caused by… a traumatic experience with eggs? Now, what if a person was diagnosed with ovaphobia, turophobia, syngenesophobia and deipnophobia? Another moment of silence for the poor individuals.


Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia: The fear of long words

Ironically, this phobia has a very long name. This is also ONE of the longest words known to most people with 36 letters.


Aibohphobia: The fear of palindromes

Ironic, yet again. This word is a palindrome, a word that is spelled the same back to front and front to back.


Aurophobia: The fear of GOLD

This is one phobia that no Spanish conquistador could have tolerated.


Nephophobia: The fear of clouds

This phobia may seem strange, but has actually been experienced by me as one of the authors! When I was younger, this phobia was induced by the eerily rapid movement of overhead clouds.

Basiphobia: The fear of falling

This is a quite unfortunate phobia, as it causes some people to avoid walking in the first place at all costs.


Alektorophobia: The fear of chickens 


Katsaridaphobia: fear of cockroaches

While these phobias may seem ridiculous, they can easily be caused by traumatic events surrounding these occasional pests or farm animals.


Dentophobia: fear of dentists and Coulrophobia: fear of clowns

Surprisingly, these are common phobias, and watching scary movies does not help…

Onomatophobia: The fear of certain words or names

This is normally caused when some connects a phrase, word, or name in their mind with extreme anxiety. In intense cases they can scare themselves by even thinking of the word being said.


Xanthophobia: The fear of the color yellow

Like most other phobias this one is tied to previous traumatic or scary experiences, in this case specifically having to do with the color yellow. (Which is why the thumbnail has absolutely NO YELLOW.)


Anatidaephobia: The fear of being watched by a duck

Have you ever been bitten by a duck or a goose, or have any traumatic event having to do solely with a duck/goose? That is normally what causes this phobia.

Plutophobia: the fear of money

This is spawned from a dislike and distrust of the more fortunate (in terms of money) due to their status. This can lead to the fear of even becoming rich which can lead to a fear of money as a whole.


Phobophobia: the fear of phobias

This is the fear of a fear. Being afraid of being afraid. As you can see this presents quite the loop to occur. This may happen because the mind unknowingly connects the phobia to an emotional or stressful piece of physical or mental pain.

Despite all these, phobias already seemed like enough. One of our authors, Manuel Paz, decided to make a bonus list of honorable mentions.


Chloephobia – Newspapers (REALLY unfortunate…)

Paraskevidekatriaphobia – Friday the 13th

Arachibutyrophobia – Peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth

Arithmophobia – Numbers

Chorophobia – Dancing

Ablutophobia – Bathing

Geniophobia – Chins

Geliophobia – Laughter

Ecophobia – Home

Koumpounophobia – Buttons

Pediophobia – Dolls

Papaphobia – The Pope

Cryophobia – Ice

Octophobia – Number 8

Heliophobia – Sunlight 

Scoleciphobia – Worms

Myrmecophobia – Ants

Mottephobia – Moths