Summer Olympics – Bound to Be Different Part 2

Summer Olympics – Bound to Be Different  Part 2

Ayden Reed, Writer

The time is almost here and the 2021 Summer Olympics are around the corner. The summer event has been raising eyebrows about the covid-19 protocols and the high numbers the Summer Olympics might cause due to the huge fan base the Summer Olympics have. Over 196 countries participate in the Summer Olympics. Those 196 countries have thousands or even millions of fans. All of those people including medics,coaches,players,fans,cameramen will be packed into a stadium. Cases in Japan have been low, but everyone traveling to Japan may raise the cases especially if not all people attending are vaccinated. That might be a problem for the Japanese government because they haven’t seen skyrocketing numbers in a very long time.

  The Olympics have just announced that over 10,000 workers are not attending the event because they are scared over the rise of covid-19 numbers. Maybe because of people getting the covid-19 vaccine that might have required people to show proof that you have received your covid-19 shot. 

As of right now the summer Olympics are still on. Many teams and players will be participating in this summer event like previous ones. Many people also had concerns about the social distance in the stadium. Will there even be regulation because most of the people are vaccinated? These are questions people should be asking and also should be receiving answers because people’s lives are on the line- not only players and staff, but also attendees. People are going because they have missed out on so many sports in the last year.