Tips to Survive a Road Trip


Mauricio Gomez, Writer

As our school year gets closer to its final day, we all know what that means… summer vacation. For most of us, that means traveling, hopping on a plane with a mask, and flying away. For others, it means going to a new school, or for the few, moving. For those who are traveling by car this summer, here are a couple of tips before getting into a car and on the road.

  • Pack what you need and what you need only.
  • Download movies and shows you are sure you are going to watch.
  • Charge your devices to the fullest and all their charges.
  • Take portable chargers in case of an emergency.
  • Try to come up with some games, license plate games, Punch Buggy or I Spy if you want to play something with family members.
  • Try to figure out how you will sleep. First thing, bring a pillow if you want, but it will take up space.
  • Everyone has their own device to enjoy themselves with during the ride.  That way no one has to be sharing and using up the battery.
  • Anything you’re going to use in the car is put in a small backpack. 
  • Make sure everything works before taking it, you might not realize that your charger no longer works while you are already in the car. Maybe you want to open an app that needs to be updated with wifi first, or your sleep mask snapped and won’t fit properly.
  • Wear comfortable clothes, you’re going to be in a car for who knows how long. Pajamas could do fine, but be sure to have some regular clothes you can easily get in and out of in case you need to make a pitstop.
  • Have some space for your legs, you’re  going to be sitting down the whole time. If you want, take off your shoe;, whatever makes you comfortable.
  • Take a break from your device from time to time. Enjoy the view.
  • Bring up some conversations with your family. Cool places you would like to go to, politics if you’re comfortable with it . (Gossip if you dare)
  • Enjoy the ride; road trips are expensive – the gasoline, food, hotels, entertainment stops (amusement parks etc).

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(I don’t normally do this, but I thought I would go for it, cause why not.)


The year has been long, the year has been weird, crazy, and annoying overall. But that’s basically life, one big weird mess. But enjoy it either way, even if you’re cramped in a car. It won’t be forever, just temporary, and one day everything will be fine. 


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So in the end, have a great summer, and have fun.