Top Three Fun Summer Locations in New Jersey


Giselle DeRisi, Writer

Summer is arriving which means school is almost out, and there is more time on our hands. Here are three fun summer locations located in none other than New Jersey.

Six Flags Great Adventure And Safari 

Six Flags Great Adventure is located in Jackson Township NJ. Known for being the world’s largest theme park, it contains a diverse selection of roller coasters, a Safari Off Road Adventure, and even three kids areas, this theme park has fun in store for the whole family.


Liberty Science Center  

Liberty Science Center is located at 222 Jersey City Blvd, Jersey City NJ. Liberty science center contains 12 exhibition halls which include varieties of animals, a pitch black crawl maze, and much more you will not run out of things to do!! 


Down The Jersey Shore

In my opinion, heading down to the beach always cures my boredom.New Jersey is known for their beaches. While at the beach you can build sandcastles, dig for crabs, swim in the ocean and even go sea shell hunting. The beach is always a good getaway when you’re stressed and bored.


Next time you’re struggling to find out where to go make sure you look back at these options because I promise you these places are worth the visit!!!


Visit Jersey’s official tourism page for fun all summer long.