Looking Ahead


Saffia Ouali, Writer

Now that we can put this school year behind us,

as we have gone through much good and bad,

it is time to embark on a new journey in our lives,


where we are determined to reach closer to our greatest potential

and start thinking much more thoroughly about the futures that we want to make for ourselves.


I do believe that we will return to much more normality in the coming weeks and months,

and can dream of our futures more realistically.


I wish to enjoy my high school years

as I continue to meet new people,

expand my knowledge,

participate in more activities,

and leave a lasting impression.

I hope that you all choose to do the same,

find your voices in the world,

allow yourselves to be the shining stars you always have been and will be.


At this point,

I am not fully certain as to whether I will major in law or engineering,

perhaps one, perhaps the other, or perhaps both.


But wherever I may end up,

I do know that I will enjoy what I have chosen for myself,

and I hope you all choose to do the same.


Looking ahead,

unbeknown to us all,

there are many twists and turns on the road up ahead,

but in order to succeed,

we must be true to ourselves,

as the course of our futures

rests in our own hands.