Summer’s Delight With a Burst of Caution


Saffia Ouali, Writer

Lush vegetation, sweet ice cream, refreshing lemonade, fun at the beach

are staples of summer for many.


With all that is happening around us,

aside from the pandemic,

there are other dangers present


such as that dealing with climate change,

for some areas are already experiencing warmer temperatures and less precipitation,

thus leading to severe droughts,

devastating crops,

hurting wildlife,

disrupting our food supply.


But let not the dangers spread too much into your summer,

for Vitamin-D is abundant around us,

major sources of amusement and relaxation are welcoming visitors

who shall have a delight.


Yet, we must also be careful that we

stay hydrated and allow ourselves to breathe

so that we can avoid

harming our bodies as we begin

to slowly wind down from school.


Drink plenty of fluids, perhaps water or juice,

but allow guilty pleasures every so often,

for an extra drizzle or sprinkle adds much sweetness to our lives.


Let us all remain united against the many diseases that have plagued society,

for we are all stronger together,

for there is light in every darkness,


as we all hope to splash into summer

with much sunshine and many smiles

and an added degree of caution.