How Safe is it to Reopen Our State?

How Safe is it to Reopen Our State?

Ayden Reed, Writer

 New Jersey Governor Murphy and other East Coast governors announced that the states will reopen on May 19th, 2021 with protocols. As we have seen in the state of New Jersey, the numbers have been low enough and it is safe to reopen. Over three million New Jerseyans got vaccinated, which is almost half of the garden state. Numbers in the state of New Jersey have been going up and down, but as we see more people getting the shot the lower the numbers are getting. Some Governors have been getting the vaccine to also protect themselves and the people they work with. It is good if everyone is vaccinated because we can go back to normal. If people are vaccinated, we can have a stronger world.

   If everyone is vaccinated, businesses don’t have to close because they are able to bring diners into the restaurant safely. So many businesses lost money but somewhere managed to keep their doors open with much difficulty. Families had to choose which bills had to be paid and which ones had to wait. During this global pandemic there were heroes saving lives to help ensure the safety of millions. So many Amercians had to wait to see family members due to the pandemic. If more people get vaccinated the more we can accomplish.

 Now that kids are eligible for the vaccine ages twelve to fifteen,   the whole country might be able to get back to normal. Now that vaccines are coming out at a great pace, the CDC is saying that we don’t have to wear masks as often as before. As of now all of the east coast governors have announced that the states can reopen but of course with regulation. Even if vaccinated, you should still wear your mask in large crowds.  Governor Murphy announced this while announcing that the state will fully reopen on May 19th. Some states will have strict regulations still, but we can resume our daily routine and get back in the swing of things.

   When COVID-19 hit, the eyes were on the numbers of people getting infected every day but now also on the people getting vaccinated. In the beginning of the pandemic, people knew nothing about the diseases that took over the world. That’s March of 2020 when numbers were going up and down rapidly around the world. Due to Politics in the United States, we were at the top for so long. Some Politicians weren’t listening to the science, so the United States was getting covid cases left and right. We have to make sure we get vaccinated and continue to wear masks in large crowds.

Covid-19 has been hard for all of us, losing loved ones and being trapped in the dark. Covid-19 is slowly losing the war. Covid may have started the war, but people on Earth are winning the war. Even though pain and grief have been part of this battle, there have been so many goals that have been accomplished. It might have been difficult fighting something we can’t see, but we have proven that anything is possible. As the United States slowly reopens we should all take serious precautions about how we live our lives because who knows what can happen next. I really hope if you are reading this that you and your family are happy,safe and healthy.