Random Facts

Random Facts

Jason DeMicco, Writer

Everyone wants answers to most questions. In this month’s edition, you can have some of your questions answered. You can stump your loved ones with these questions and answers. This will be the last one of the year so I have added more facts than usual. Please enjoy the following random trivia. Share it with your friends.


We are 50% genetically related to a banana! (Surprising right.) Not only humans are related to the delicious fruit but many other organisms are too. This means that all animals have a common ancestor.


  • Is yawning contagious?

Yes, yawning is contagious because usually when someone sees someone else yawning they feel like they need to yawn as well. Also reading about yawning can make you yawn.


  • Why does chopping onions make people cry?

This happens because when you cut an onion a chemical called syn-propanethial-S-oxide comes up and your eyes use reflex tears to stop it from going in your eyes.


  • Are there different types of tears?

Yes and they are used at different times. There are basal tears which keep our eyes from drying out, reflex tears that protect our eyes from chemicals and other substances, and there are the most known emotional tears which happen when you are sad, stressed, or even happy.


  • How many times does an adult blink in 1 minute?

An adult blinks about 15 times per minute. A baby however blinks twice in a minute.


  • Why do we blink?

Instead of having us teary for every minute, blinking helps us keep those basal tears at the eyes and flush them away when they cleanse them.


  • What is a mirage?

A mirage is an illusion (like a rainbow) in hot areas, especially deserts that makes our eyes see a lot of water. However when we move closer it looks like the “water” is moving back. This illusion can kill thirsty explorers.


  • What do astronomers predict is in the center of the galaxy?

Many scientists predict that a massive black hole is at the center taking in light as you read.


  • What is a black hole?

A black hole is a star that lost all its energy and turned into a supernova and exploded and died. All that was left was the terrifying black hole. Black holes can suck up everything, even light and planets that are bigger than it.


  • Was King Tutankhamun(King Tut) healthy?

No, King Tut was very unhealthy. He had a bone disease he suffered from. He also suffered from malaria. While scanning him, scientists found his leg was broken and because of his health problems breaking it could have killed him.


  • When did people start using money?


People started using money in 1200 B.C in China. They used mollusk shells called cowries which they traded to get goods.


  • What was the first video game console?


The first was not a playstation but it was called the Magnavox Odyssey. It was created in 1966 by Ralph Baer.



  • Can animals have jobs?

Yes, some animals already have jobs like combat dog, draft dog, monkey waiter, elephant artist, and waterskiing squirrel.


  • What was Mario’s original name?


Mario, the fat guy who fights Bowser, was originally named Jumpman. They changed his name later and was named after the landlord at Nintedo’s American warehouse.


  • Why does food look tastier in commercials?

They look like this because those foods are not real. They get people to make them out of plastic and have painters use realistic detail to make it seem real.

I hope you liked these fun facts and the other facts in the other months. Thank you for reading. Know this, never stop asking questions.