Painting Minis: Painting an UltraMarine

Cecelia Rodriguez, Writer

For this month, I decided to paint an Ultra Marine Assault Intessesecor. I will share my painting process of painting a Space Marine.

First, I base coat the whole model in Citadel Macragge Blue.

Then, I use Citadel Agrax Earthshade. What this shade does is it seeks out all the nooks and crannies of the model and adds an easy shade.


Next, I use an end of a sponge and use the original blue and dap it on the highest parts of the model. This will bring back some of the original blue and also highlight the model.

After the first sponge highlight, I go back and add a little bit of white to the blue and using the same sponge technique I highlight the model. This time I only put it on the most prominent areas.



Next using Balthasar Gold, I painted the edges of the shoulder pads and the front crest. I also painted the back of the power pack on the space marine.

I wasn’t able to take photos of the other steps, but what I did was first mixed white and black to make a charcoal gray. I used this color for the under armor and weapons. Next, I base coated all of the brown pouches. After the brown, I put silver on some parts of the weapons. 


Once all of that was dried, I coated them in a brown wash to make them all look dirty and used. After all that dried I painted the little emblems on the shoulder pads white. Once that dried I applied a brown wash to make the white look dirty.


 While that was drying, I mixed some gold and silver paint for the highlight in the gold. I applied that on the highest parts of the gold. I also then highlighted the silver parts with a lighter silver. 


After I highlighted all the metal bits, I highlighted all the brown leather. I made the color by mixing the first brown with some white. After that I painted the eye lenses red, highlighted with bright orange. I then painted the base with a brown and black mixture. After applying that color to the base, I dry brushed some on the feet and the lower part of the leg. Done.