Defeat Boredom: Spring Edition


Giselle DeRisiv, Writer

Have you ever felt so bored that you just feel like sleeping all day? Many people across the globe have felt this. With the rising temperatures, changing weather, and the green grass, here is a list of fun activities to defeat boredom during the springtime.

Drawing Outdoors  

Drawing the traditional way includes a pencil,eraser, paper and other different and exotic tools. What if I told you that is not the only way to draw. Chalk, the brightly colored big lumps of material, can be a great way to have fun. You can draw on the sidewalk and even in a driveway. Don’t worry chalk easily washes away with water (just don’t tell your siblings or else the rest is history)


Just because recreation is a bit harder to play because of this virus doesn’t mean you have to stop completely. As I mentioned before, the weather is on the rise which means running around outside won’t be too much of a problem. Soccer, baseball, tennis, badminton, volleyball, and countless others can be played in parks, and even backyards.

A Classic Game Of Hide And Seek

Everyone remembers the time where you would play hide and seek with a group of friends. Well just because this pandemic, doesn’t mean you have to stop playing. You can play hide and seek with your siblings and still have a fun time. I know this because me and my little brother loved paying it inside during the pandemic. The weather is perfect and playing an old childhood game might be something missing in our lives. 

Redesigning Your Bedroom

Have you ever looked at your bedroom and felt like changing up a couple of things? Well they don’t say spring cleaning for nothing!!! Just open a window, blast spotify, and get a glass of water. It may be a long process, but it will still be fun to bring your vision to life. 

Bird Watching 

Ever thought about bird watching? Well now is the best time to get your binoculars, journal, phone and pencil. Bird watching is a fun and easy experience because you can do it anywhere outside, not just a park or backyard. You can even make it a competition, you verse siblings/or parents. It can be a fun way to go outside and breath fresh air. 

Tag, Catch And Racing 

Tag, you’re it, catch, let’s race are all words we have heard.With the weather warming up these games can be especially fun to defeat boredom. Not only is it a source of fun, but all these games can also be a way to exercise.These games can also be played with siblings and parents, and can be a good way of spending a bright afternoon.

I challenge you, the readers, to go outside on a nice day and play a fun game whenever you feel bored, because I promise you, it will be fun.