Random Facts

Random Facts

Jason‌ ‌DeMicco‌

Everyone wants answers to most questions. In this month, you can have some of your questions answered. You can stump your loved ones with these questions and answers. Please enjoy the following random trivia. Share it with your friends.

  1.  Where did the Easter bunny legend begin?


The Easter bunny began in Germany and was created from the symbol of the Pagan goddess of Spring and Fertility. 


      2.  Who discovered radiation?


Many might suspect it to be Henri Curie, however it was his wife Marie Curie, a physicist, chemist, a pioneer in radiation, and one of the greatest scientists.


      3.  Who was the woman who stayed in her seat for civil rights?

Rosa Parks, one of the most famous people during the civil rights movement. While on a bus ride a white man wanted her seat and because a law stated that she had to give up her seat, but she stayed in it. She didn’t stand up until the police arrested her. She was bailed out by E. D. Nixon


       4.  Who was the first woman to fly a plane?


If you guessed Amelia Earhart you are right. (Did you know that while flying near the Pacific Ocean she disappeared? Her disappearance is still a mystery to this day.)


       5.  How much does the world’s largest Easter egg weigh?


The largest Easter egg in the world weighs 5,000 pounds. You can view the egg in Vegreville, Alberta, Canada.(Don’t try to eat it unless you want 3500 pieces of aluminum in your stomach.)

I hope you liked these fun facts.  Thank you for reading. I might have some more random facts next month. Know this, never stop asking questions.