Earthlings: Part 5


Saffia Ouali



Brother 1     10,000


We ever so perfectly followed the instructions provided to us by the young female. Once we exited from the silver doors, there appeared to be nothing in the distance. From the corner of my eye, I spotted the young female and her family gesturing to us. After taking approximately five steps toward the family, an obnoxious alarm went off.

It was evident that we were in for deep trouble. I told my brothers and sisters to head for the spaceship while I dealt with the uniformed officers. All the meanwhile, I heard the roaring of the spaceship engines, providing me with a faint glimmer of hope that there was a plausible route of escape.

In a matter of seconds, I realized how much more difficult it would be to fight off the surges of officers headed my way. After tumbles, punches, kicks, and much more, I eventually thought that I simply could dash to the spaceship. I had no choice but to run, and soon enough, however, I stopped dead in my tracks as I recognized the voice of the young female.


“Watch out! There’s someone behind you,” she yelled.


As I turned around, I saw a uniformed officer heading my way with some sort of apparatus in his hand. My fight-or-flight instincts kicked in.




Running toward the spaceship, I felt my heart pumping out of my chest, as my lungs struggled to gasp for air. Some meters away from the spaceship, I tripped over a rock, and went tumbling to the floor as would a tumbleweed. Though I managed to pull myself back to my feet, and did my best to maintain a steady pace, the uniformed officer with the apparatus charged at me, knocking me to the floor. In the background, I heard the young female being restrained from running to my aid, rivers reasonably pouring down her eyes.

While I managed to fight off the officer, I only ran one meter more before I fell to the ground once again. This time, the young female let out a sob that could be heard for miles.


“No! Don’t do it!” she fiercely protested.


While I turned my head to look directly into the face of the uniformed officer, I became pale as I saw the long needle of the apparatus. Though I attempted to fight the officer off once more, all while suffering from the pain of listening to the cries of the young female, it did not take long before the officer injected some substance into my body.




I became cold; my vision became unclear. I barely managed to roll on to my side, as I perceived the distressed look on the young female’s face.


“We won’t leave you here,” she began.


With a heart that seemed to be hardening against my will, I knew what had to be done.


“Don’t worry about me,” I uttered, as I felt the world swallowing my existence.


“Go…,” I stammered. As I drifted away into an empty world, I caught the last look of the true hope that I had for the future of Domum.