The Rise Of Female Super Heroes!!!


Giselle DeRisi, Editor

Throughout the years, male superheroes have dominated the big screen. However, that statistic is changing and female superheroes are becoming the new biggest things.

It all started in 1984. Supergirl kicked off the start of female lead movies. Although back then these movies with female lead superheroes didn’t bring much success, fast forward to now and it’s a whole different viewpoint. Fast forward to a decade later, and the next big movie is out. On June 2,2017 Wonder Woman came out (played by Gal Godet) bringing more interest into the female superhero franchise. To women it was a success, yet no one knew what was about to come their way. More and more movies started coming out. To name a few:  Suicide Squad, Bat Girl, and even Captian Marvel, helped spark an interest in younger generations. Fast forward to now more recent movies have also hit the big screen and television.

Just last year, we were brought to 3 movies, and the start of a TV show. On January 25th,2020, Bird Of Prey came out marking the first female lead superhero movie of the year.  This movie was based on an all female “superhero’.’ Later on we were given another movie which came out on August 28. The New Mutants was centered around a girl named Dani Moonstar who is from the Cheyenne Native American tribe. The last movie of 2020 came out on December 25. We were brought to part two of the Wonder Woman Saga, which was based around Wonder Woman. This movie was also directed by a woman!!


Just this past January we were brought, WandaVision, which also has a female superhero as the main character. We also have to agree that this show for many of us helped us get through quarantine. 


Lastly news spread around early this year, stating that the new Black Widow movie will be coming out around May. This is going to be the fourth all female superhero to debut in the Marvel franchise. 


If you’re looking to watch any of these movies and shows, WandaVison is on the streaming service called Disney+, and Wonder Woman can be found on HBO Max. The other movies can be found at any local movie store. 

As you can now see, female led superhero movies have dominated the male race, bringing in new types of ideas and movies empowering society today!!!