MLS: Major League Soccer Is Back in Business


Ayden Reed

Major League Soccer will return back April 3rd,2021. It was supposed to come back in March, but due to Covid they had to push it back. There are a total of 27 teams that will be playing this year.

   In 2020, the Columbus Crew S.C won the MLS cup with their second win adding an extra star on their jersey. A new team is supposed to be playing this year: Austin F.C located in Austin Texas. MLS has been around for 27 years and it is just getting started. Last year a new team called Inter Miami F.C began playing in 2020 but was founded in 2018. They had to wait for their stadium to be built in Miami, Florida. Florida has two MLS teams: Orlando City SC and Inter Miami. Some States have two teams.

   MLS has over 26 stadiums total around the US and 3 in Canada. Depending on the fan size that will probably be the capacity in the stadium. Stadiums sometimes have to be shared for example the NYCFC their home stadium is Yankee Stadium where when baseball season is over they are able to use that stadium. Some MLS teams get their own stadium because sometimes their fan base is so huge that they have to build the teams own stadium. The stadiums bring the games alive with the loud fans, big tv screens, loud banging from fans. What is cool is that fans can seat and watch their team play and maybe also win. Some stadiums in the MLS are shaped differently which is unique about the Stadiums. What is cool about the stadiums when tons of fans are screaming you can hear it outside so loud and clear.

Major League Soccer has been one of the best franchises in history. We all remember Zlatan Ibrahimovic one of the greatest soccer players on the MLS team LA Galaxy. He gained recognition on his crazy goals and moves during his period in MLS. Zlatan Imbrahimovic left MLS overall because some people say he lost a big game to go to the MLS cups. Others say “He wasn’t a good team-mate” and he had a strange personality. Zlatan had a great score timeline scoring 53 goals in 58 appearances which is very impressive if you tell me. 

    The Question this year is who is going to raise the trophy for the 2021 MLS cup this year? Teams that play in the MLS that are not good will shock you every season because they get better and better each year. Well in the MLS you have your Eastern Conference and your Western Conference and you have to compete and by closing the season you start going into the tournament stage. Every team has a chance to redeem themselves in the season before it is time to go into the group stage. There have been times where teams were so close to going into the group stage, but mess up or have some few mistakes. The teams go on the field and their fans expect so much from them that players get nervous and sometimes let their fans  down.

MLS is one of my favorite leagues. My favorite team is New York Redbulls and last season the red bulls were so close making it into the Semi-Finals but sadly they lost. There are so many teams and games that players that are in the MLS have to practice harder and harder every time. MLS has a new coach that will be coaching this new season. During last season they have fired MLS coach Chris Armas due to the lack of wins in the season alone. During the period they had a temporary coach that almost led them to the MLS cup which was exciting for the red bull fans including myself.

    MLS is one of the biggest soccer leagues in the US. What is amazing about MLS is the diversity in all of the teams. The support that has been showing that every single person is a good person on the field and off the field. We have seen the growth of MLS and the growth of support for all the diversity which bring people closer. I have been to a Redbull game and it was one of the best experiences that day the red bulls won 3-0. The stadium rumbled because of the screaming fans and the joy and excitement. When you watch a live game, it is totally different from you watching it on your TV. Believe it or not, I got to play on the field that same day during halftime and also got to walk through where the players come out on the